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Des Champs Technologies LLC has recently introduced the versatile RLC Series HVAC Air-Trap. The HVAC Air-Trap uses the air pressure generated by the fan, or gravity, to prevent air leakage from or to the air handler. The RLC Series can accommodate PVC drain pipe sizes from ½" to 2" and up to 40 tons of refrigeration.

When oriented in the horizontal position it can accommodate essentially any HVAC unit negative plenum pressure and requires less than half the installation height of a standard P-trap. The lower height allows ease of installation and in many cases, reduces curb height requirements or in some cases eliminates the need for a curb. In addition, the RLC Series eliminates the following issues associated with the P-trap:

Note: The attached drawings represent traps that operate under positive pressure. Never connect condensate drain directly to a sanitary drain line.



RLC-Series Positive/Negative Orientation Animation

An animation detailing RLC-Series concept for a positive pressure and negative pressure installation.

RLC-Series Videos


Product Sheet

Never requires priming or filling with water

Since it operates dry when there is no condensate being produced, the trap and the drain line leading to the trap will not freeze

There will be no geyser effect within the HVAC unit at the beginning of cooling season as is common with a dry P-trap

Because the trap operates dry when no condensate is flowing there will be no accumulation of sludge

The HVAC Air-Trap is predesigned so errors caused by field designed P-traps are eliminated

When the unit fan is blowing through the cooling coil the drain pan is under positive pressure. Under these conditions the RLC Series is oriented in the vertical position. In the positive pressure mode the maximum pressure in the unit plenum is 3 inches WC. All of the benefits listed above are present when operating in the positive pressure mode plus the blow through that occurs on a dry P-trap is eliminated.

•     Condensate flow up to 4 GPM at any negative pressure

•     Schedule 40 PVC  with clean out port

•     Retains no water after condensing has ceased

•     ¾” slip internal or 1” fitting external connection- with bushings can

     connect to ½, 1 ¼,  1 ½ and 2” tubes

•     Meets general building codes. For use on HVAC equipment only.

     Not for use as a sanitary trap.

Flammability rating is UL94 V-0

Negative Pressure - Orientation is Horizontal

Positive Pressure - Orientation is Vertical

•     Up to 3-inches positive pressure

•     Up to 0.5 GPM water flow (≈ 40 tons)