• The Air-Trap will never freeze and break

• No more issues caused by traps drying out

Air-Trap is predesigned to prevent field errors

Air-Trap reduces trap height by up to 60%

• Eliminates sludge build-up at bottom of “U” tube

• No more geysers when there is negative pressure

• No more blow through with positive pressure

No More Troublesome “P” Traps

•     Condensate flow up to 4 GPM at any negative pressure

•     Schedule 40 PVC  with clean out port

•     Retains no water after condensing has ceased

•     ¾” slip internal or 1” fitting external connection- with bushings can connect

     to ½, 1 ¼,  1 ½ and 2” tubes

•     Meets general building codes. For use on HVAC equipment only. Not for use

     as a sanitary trap.

Flammability rating is UL94 V-0

Negative Pressure - Orientation is Horizontal

Positive Pressure - Orientation is Vertical

•     Up to 3-inches positive pressure

•     Up to 0.5 GPM water flow (≈ 40 tons)


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