Des Champs Waterless Trap allows liquid condensate to drain from the HVAC equipment and simultaneously prevents air from entering or escaping from the equipment.  

When removing water, the water exits the unit but no air escapes the unit.

• Reduces sludge buildup that normally accumulates in standard “P” traps.

• Prevents problem with standard “P” trap never filling with water when condensate begins to form at the beginning of the cooling season.

• Prevents freezing of trap during cold periods since there is no water in the trap.

• P-Series Air-Trap requires no water head to cause the trap to operate. Simply come out of the plenum condensate line and go down into the P-Series Air-Trap. Come out of the trap and go horizontally with your drain line. The height requirement then becomes the height of the trap plus two elbows.

Why a Waterless Trap?

Typically, HVAC equipment is fitted with “P” traps that require water, or another liquid, within a standpipe to prevent gas from entering or leaving the unit. As a result, the “P” traps are susceptible to freezing - expansion - bursting. At other times, the traps dry out allowing gas to escape or enter the HVAC equipment. The Des Champs trap never requires addition of water to prevent unwanted air leakage.

• The DC Waterless Trap allows water to drain from the HVAC equipment.

• Prevents air from entering or escaping from the equipment.  

• The trap operates dry when no water removal is required and wet when it is required.

P-Series Trap Advantages

Note: The attached drawings represent traps that operate under positive pressure. Never connect condensate drain directly to a sanitary drain line.

Flammability rating is UL94 V-0


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Positive Pressure Animation

Trap in Operation Video