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"Operation of the Air-Traps"

"HVAC Air-Trap Information Portfolio"

Additional Air-Trap™ Documentation

• Thermoplastic design with stainless steel fasteners resists process and atmospheric corrosion.

• Reduces sludge buildup that normally accumulates in standard "P" traps.

• Prevents water blow out when condensate begins to form at the beginning of cooling season when trap has dried and air is rushing into HVAC unit plenum, causing water spray into fan plenum compartment.

• Prevents freezing of trap during cold periods since there is no water in the trap.

• Reduces the trap height by approximately 50% as compared to the "P" trap.

Features and Benefits

N-Series are designed for horizontal installation.

It is not recommended to be installed with the outlet side angled down or facing downward. All N-Series traps must be installed with the flow-arrow pointing in the direction of the water flow of the system.

Flammability rating is UL94 V-0

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