NikkiStiks Magnetic Labels

Industrial-quality magnetic tool organizers for the home hobbyist and the professional.

Now, there’s no more fumbling for tools or guessing what’s in each toolbox drawer:

Introducing NikkiStiks™ Magnetic Labels from eForay Corporation. These brightly colored, magnetized strips are available on an 8"x8" die cut sheet with pictures depicting seventeen or more items (screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, drill bits, etc.) commonly found in the toolboxes of most mechanics, contractors, home hobbyists, plumbers, electricians, etc. Simply attach the appropriate NikkiStiks Magnetic Label to the drawer containing the item depicted.

A number of sets are available, tailored to the specific end user audience. Next time someone needs a wrench, screwdriver, or any other tool they’ll know exactly where it is - thanks to NikkiStiks Magnetic Labels (patent pending). Each individual 1" x 2" magnetic strip features a different item found in most toolboxes. Just attach them to the metal drawers - and never guess where a tool is again!

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November 2015 issue