• Aluminum heat exchanger

• Corrosion resistant coatings on ambient side

• Casings made of corrosion resistant 5052 aluminum

• Light-weight, rugged unit

• Finger guards


• The Z-Core heat exchanger uses a closed-loop design that circulates air through the enclosure and cooling unit to maintain the desired enclosure temperature without outside air contamination.

• As the enclosure air flows through one side of the heat exchanger, cooler ambient air from outside flows through the other side in the opposite direction in a counterflow arrangement. Heat transfer takes place across the heat exchanger plate to cool the recirculating enclosure air.

• Z-Core’s patented design optimizes heat transfer by using a dimpled heat exchange surface made from a light-weight aluminum matrix. The formed dimples separate the matrix and promote turbulence for maximum cooling. The counterflow arrangement provides enhanced performance over cross-flow designs.

• The heat exchanger has no moving parts to  malfunction and requires only a fan to operate.

• The patented plate heat exchanger is designed to optimize heat transfer and energy cost through a counterflow arrangement.

• The closed loop design prevents inside and outside airstreams from mixing.